Group hopes to repair clock tower

PLANS could be put in place to restore the Clock tower in Stonehaven.

The tower, which is situated at Stonehavan harbour is in need of repair as the historic building is damp and requires work to make it watertight and to ensure the buildings survival in the long term.

Discussions have been ongoing at the Stonehaven and District Community Council about ways to restore the tower which is currently owned by Aberdeenshire Council.

Stonehaven and District community councillors have expressed concerns over the state of the building which they feel is important for tourism due to its proximity to the harbour and Tolbooth Museum. They claim that Aberdeenshire Council are “not interested” as it is too expensive to fix.

They feel that people in the town want it fixed and are therefore looking into setting up a working group who would apply to various grants such as AXIS 4 in order to attain funds to restore the building.

Stonehaven Heritage Society are currently fixing the Barometer from the tower but concerns were raised that once it is put back in place it risks further damage because of the damp in the building. In 2007 a survey was carried out on behalf of Aberdeenshire Council which estimated the cost of repairs at £228,000. However a Community Councillor has said they hope that with help from local tradesmen they could get the work carried out for less than this.

With the tower being owned by the local authority it is unclear whether a local group can do anything to it at the moment.

An Aberdeenshire Council spokeswoman said: “There are no current plans by the council to refurbish the tower however this is being kept under review.

“Our area manager (Willie Munro) is also aware of the issues locally too and is due to meet interested parties including community groups to look at a partnership approach and external funding soon.”