Groups invited to apply for cash

From left: Rachel Wood, Thomas McBain, George Masson and Alison Birkett
From left: Rachel Wood, Thomas McBain, George Masson and Alison Birkett

Groups in the Kincardineshire area are being offered the chance to apply for funding to boost their projects in a democratic process.

The Kincardineshire Development Partnership (KDP) have hundreds of pounds to award to the winning local group thanks to Scottish Government legislature.

Local groups looking for a small injection of cash have been invited to pitch their ideas and projects at one of the local KDP Community Cash events.

Kincardineshire Development Partnership launched the initiative in October as it “aligns well with the Scottish Government’s Community Empowerment Bill which offers great opportunities for communities to take some control”.

A KDP spokesperson said: “There is a commitment to communities being supported to do things for themselves and people having their voices heard in the planning and delivery of services.

“KDP Community Cash is Participatory Budgeting on a small scale, an exercise in live-time democracy as the community decides which project will take home the £300 micro grant.”

Local community groups are invited to attend an event to present a five-minute talk about their goals, what they are trying to achieve and why they need to the grant to further their idea or project to an audience.

The grant will be awarded to the group voted for by the guests of the evening who will be members of the local community.

It is an exercise in real-time democracy and is said to be a great opportunity for groups to raise on the spot funds to support their group and the local community.

Maryculter Carriage Driving for the Disabled were voted winners at the most recent event held last month in Cookney Village Hall and as such received a cash boost. In the picture you can see that project in action.

The next event for groups from the whole of Kincardine and Mearns is on Tuesday, July 6 at the Grassic Gibbon Centre, Arbuthnott.

Members of any community group, charity or social enterprise that could benefit from an injection of cash and would like to take part in a future Community Cash event are asked to contact Kincardineshire Development Partnership at and request a registration pack or further information.

Alternatively, telephone enquiries can made via 01569 763 246.