Hallowe’en safety tips

Police Scotland in the North-east are issuing their annual request for residents of all ages to make Hallowe’en a safe and enjoyable celebration.

Police are issuing some simple guidance for young people to ensure that the evening passes safely and that anti-social or irresponsible behaviour is avoided.

The past few years have seen Hallowe’en pass quietly in the area but there are still residents who are affected by the minority who behave anti-socially and ruin what should be a fun and family orientated time of the year. Parents and young people are asked to consider the following advice:

• Stay in well-lit areas and consider carrying a torch

• Don’t frighten elderly people or younger children

• Don’t enter a house unless you know the person. Young children should always be with an adult. Older children should ensure they are with friends.

• If a sign says “no trick or treat”, respect that person’s wishes and move on.

• Be visible, it will be dark and it’s important that passing traffic can see you.

• If you have a mobile phone make sure you look after it so that parents/guardian can keep in touch.

• Tell your parents or guardian where you are going and what time you will be back.

• If you are given money keep it hidden away in a wallet or clothing.

• Remember that it might be raining so wear appropriate clothing that keeps you dry but still lets you show off your costume.