Have your view heard

Two North Kincardine councillors are urging residents to have their say on changes to Westminster parliamentary boundaries which would split their ward in two.

The proposals have been announced by the Boundary Commission for Scotland. They will see the number of Scottish MPs reduced from 59 to 52.

The current West Aberdeenshire & Kincardine seat will be broken up, with the largest part joining a new seat to be called Deeside & Gordon. Meanwhile the southern part of Kincardineshire would move into a constituency called Angus East & Kincardine.

North Kincardine councillors Ian Mollison and Paul Melling are urging the public to take part in a public consultation, particularly as their ward will be split between the two new seats.

“The Portlethen Community Council area will go with Deeside & Gordon,” said Councillor Mollison. “However the Newtonhill Community Council area will link up with the Angus seat and the North Kincardine Rural Community Council area will be split between the two.”

Councillor Mollison pointed out it is the Boundary Commission’s stated desire to take existing ward boundaries into consideration when drawing up the new Westminister constituencies. “This plainly has not been achieved, with the ward being split in two. The same is true of the adjoining Stonehaven & Lower Deeside council ward.”

Councillor Melling added that Newtonhill, Portlethen and the rural hinterland have common links, such as Portlethen Academy, medical services, and policing. “This will be very confusing for people living here. It would be much more sensible if the North Kincardine Ward were kept together.”

His Liberal Democrat colleague continued: “People should be aware of the on-going consultation and have a good look at what is proposed. The Boundary Commission is now beginning a 12-week consultation. It is a thankless task, however it is up to residents to speak up and say if the proposals are acceptable or not.”

Comments should be made in writing through the commission’s website, by email to comments@scottishboundaries.gov.uk or by letter to the commission at 91 Haymarket Terrace, Edinburgh. The deadline is 4 January.