Elsick Medical facilities cause for concern

The provision of medical facilities at the new town of Elsick is causing increasing concern among local residents.

Councillor Alison Evison has received confirmation that the developers have offered to provide the NHS with a unit in the first Elsick neighbourhood, rent free for three years. This could be used as a doctor’s surgery, dentist or pharmacy.

“This is a start,” commented Alison Evison, “But we need to ensure that Elsick can provide a full range of medical services to its residents.”

“This is why Neil Findlay, Scottish Labour’s Spokesman on Health, has written to Richard Carey of NHS Grampian to ask him to confirm the position that NHS Grampian is taking in relation to medical provision at Elsick.

“Neil has also asked Richard Carey whether the NHS is intending to build the cost of this provision into its budgets.

“Moreover, Richard Baker, North-East Regional MSP is asking the Scottish Government what medical provision will be supported at Elsick”

“We want to see commitment at the highest level to providing the necessary services in this new development. It is not right that additional pressure will be put on surgeries in the surrounding area,”