Help needed with museum find puzzle

Maggie Law
Maggie Law

The Maggie Law Maritime Museum is looking for information on some equipment they found during refurbishment.

The Gourdon museum has uncovered a piece of equipment which puzzled The Howe o’ the Mearns Heritage Association.

A visit to the Museum by Bobby and Margaret Gowans, originally from Gourdon, solved the first part of the puzzle, by identifying the equipment as an early manual knitting machine for knitting sea-boot stockings.

Andrew Freeman of Gourdon, who died in 1973, was an expert using this machine to produce stockings for the fishermen of Gourdon. His widow Katie, gave the machine to Bobby and Margaret, for safe keeping, and in the hope that there would one day be a Museum where it could be kept.

Dave Ramsay, Project Director for the refurbishment of the Museum said: “This is an amazing piece of maritime heritage, as I had seen the machine in the box, but had no idea about its purpose or background. Thanks to Margaret and Bobby, the machine can now be displayed in the Museum with the full story of Andrew and the knitting machine being told.”

The instruction manual is long since gone, and Dave would welcome any information on the machine and more importantly whether it can it be brought back into use for demonstrations for school pupils and visitors to the Museum, and whether once again sea- boot stocking could be made on the machine to raise funds for the Museum.

Dave said “I would welcome any information from any knitting machine or heritage enthusiast who can help us with the second stage of the puzzle”

The museum is open from 1 – 4.30 every day except Tuesday if anyone wishes to view the machine, or contact Dave Ramsay at the museum on 01561 361855.