Help out or lose us, warns chairman

The Gala was held in the grounds of Portlethen Academy.
The Gala was held in the grounds of Portlethen Academy.

Portlethen may not have a community council in six months time, let alone a Gala in 2015, the community council chairman has warned.

Portlethen and District Community Council Chairman, Ron Sharp, told a meeting last week that the strain on a small band of volunteers who organised the recent Portlethen Gala, and who carry out other work for the benefit of the community, was getting too much, and more volunteers were needed to come forward.

Last month Vice-chair Kevin Fraser resigned from his role, citing the lack of support from the general community in organising the Gala as a major reason for his decision.

Mr Sharp said: “This month has been difficult for the PDCC. We held a very successful gala, one of the best ever, thanks to the commitment of members of the this community council and about six members of the public; nothing from the other 8 or 9,000 inhabitants of this town.

“But it has left a lot of us frazzled and stressed, and unless this community gets off their backsides and helps themselves, they will lose their gala. Thanks to those of you who have helped us out with various duties, but we really need more support from the community.

“By March, unless things change and we have more help, Portlethen may not even have a community council. We really need to stop putting such a large amount of strain on such a small group of people. Thank you to everyone who has helped, but it is not enough. We need more.”