Hollie hopes to help Chilean orphans...

Hollie with pupils at the After School Club
Hollie with pupils at the After School Club

A Stonehaven lass is in the middle of a 200-mile run to raise funds so she can go and work in an orphanage in Chile for a year.

Hollie Smith, aged 16, is looking to raise over £7000 which will pay for the year while she works in the orphanage for the disabled.

To help raise funds, the Mackie Academy pupil is looking to run 237.4 miles in two months, having started in the middle of August.

Hollie said: “I hope to go on to university to study social work but, before I do that, I will be working in an orphanage in Chile for a year as of August 2015.

“I am doing this through Project Trust, an educational charity who have been sending school leavers overseas since 1967.

‘‘I decided to do this because I want to make a difference to the lives of others, and I am already trying to do this in my own community.

“In order to take on my year in Chile, I must raise £7400, which is a huge task. The money I raise pays for my whole year - including my insurance, travel and cost of living while I am there. I will be spending my year working in an orphanage or home for the disabled and I will also be teaching various academic subjects.”

Hollie also volunteers once a week at Stonehaven After School Club who have been filling up Smarties tubes with 20p coins to help her fundraise.

She added: “The distance I am running is 237.4 miles in two months, because that is the width of Chile.

“I started it on August 15 and so far I have done 75 miles, which means I have 160 miles to go. My aim is to have my run finished by the end of September.

“I am using an app called Map my Walk which uses GPS to track where I am and it calculates how far I go and draws my route on a map as evidence of where I have gone and how far. I am trying to go out every night and I aim for five miles a day but sometimes I do more.”