How an American theme park company made a Stonehaven boy’s day

9 year-old Jack with his new towel.
9 year-old Jack with his new towel.

One of the world’s leading entertainment companies came to the aid of a local lad after he lost his towel at Stonehaven’s open air pool.

Nine year-old Arduthie Primary pupil Jack Forman was enjoying his birthday party at the open air pool last month when his brand new Universal Studios towel went missing.

Jack’s mum, Lyn Forman explained: “It’s quite an unusual towel, we bought it at a stall at Universal Studios and it has all of the Popeye characters on it. You can only buy it over there. I had bought it when we went to Florida at Easter, but kept it to give to him for his birthday, so it was the first time he had used it.”

Lyn explained that the family are big fans of the pool and use it regularly: “We love going to the outdoor pool, and we held Jack’s birthday party there. The staff were all lovely and so helpful, so I’d really like to thank them for all their help.”

She said: “After we realised that the towel was missing, we tried to find another one online, but it was impossible to get one.”

Lyn’s friend, Kerry Allan, who’s son had also been at the party, decided to send a message to Universal Studios on Twitter, and they were all delighted to receive a reply, saying that Universal were sorry to hear about what had happened, and that they would take care of it.

“We had a FedEx delivery last week”, said Lyn, “and they had sent us over a replacement. We were delighted, and sent back a thank you card. We have been over a few times and thought it was a lovely gesture from them.”

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