Huge support for ‘Open Air in the Square’ event

Jim Kerr
Jim Kerr

News that Police Scotland have objected to plans for the Simple Minds concert has prompted an outpouring of public support for the event.

Leading the messages in favour of the organisers of Open Air in the Square (OAIS) are the Stonehaven Fireballs Committee, who have made the following statement: “We at the Stonehaven Fireballs have worked alongside OAIS all year as we have both planned for as safe a night as possible .

‘‘The OAIS have held up their hands and admitted they got many things wrong last year but have worked extremely hard this year to address every concern that has been flagged up and, in our opinion, have probably done more than has been asked of them.

‘‘We would urge everyone in Stoney to get right behind OAIS, and show them we are backing them as they strive to make Stonehaven a fantastic venue at New Year.”

On Facebook, Mhairi Wood said: “It’s so unfair. It’s new year for goodness sake and people are looking forward to something different. It will be an amazing night! Let it go ahead!”

Debbie Rolinson said: “They should have objected at the time the plans were proposed, not once everyone has paid and is looking forward to it.”

But not everyone supports the choice of venue, with concerns being raised about the suitability of the Market Square to host such a big event.

Craig Davis said: “Why not see if Police Scotland would be happier with a different location. For example the park beside where the Commodore Hotel used to be?”