I’m dreaming of a white Christmas

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Well- it’s here. After weeks of shopping, decorating, partying and wrapping. Christmas is upon us.

Remember in November when you went into shops with their Christmas decorations up and heard Christmas songs on the radio and thought; it’s far too early for that! Well, it doesn’t seem that long ago now does it? Because now it is the Eve of Christmas Eve. And as Santa loads up his sleigh and feeds his reindeers, children all over the Country will be watching the clock and asking, for possibly the only time this year, “is it bed time yet?” When I was little, I used to go to bed as early as possible so that I could sleep and then, when I woke up, Santa had been.

But alas, it is never that easy. Because, in my experience you are so very excited that you lie awake desperately trying to sleep but you are just too excited. And then after you finally wake up you tip-toe through to your parents room and whisper “Is it too early, will Santa have been?”

Often, at 5am, I was told that yes, it is too early and I should go back to bed for an hour. Upon hearing this, in a panic, I would run back through to my bedroom, leap under the covers and lie as still as possible, just in case Santa was running late and wasn’t due at my house until 5:30am.

And then, eventually after I cold wait no more, I would head through again and eventually mum would give in, and we would head downstairs to see what magic had happened in the night.

Now, to the relief of my family, after the Christmas eve church service, I go to bed, fall asleep and don’t wake up until 9am. By which time Santa has been and gone and is back home with Mrs Claus.

But it’s amazing how Christmas traditions change, I still get excited for Christmas day, not so much for the presents, but still for the magic of the day. I love the tradition and the time spent as a family.

I am told, by my friends who have children, that once I have children Christmas will change again, and I will be excited to see my own Children’s excitement on Christmas day.

It is amazing to see how over time one day can mean so many different things. But regardless of how the day changes I have no doubt that I will always be one of these people who love Christmas.

So what is on my wish list this Christmas? Well this year, as always, I am dreaming of a white Christmas. I love waking up on Christmas day to a snow scene, I remember one year in particular where when I eventually got to sleep, it had been all grey street and grass outside. However when I woke up, everything around me was sprinkled with snow. And it truly was magical.

I loved it, especially as that was the year Santa brought me my much sought after bike and I took it out onto the street and my first ride of my pink bike, which had ribbons hanging from it’s handlebars, was in a winter wonderland.

I am hoping for snow this year. This is despite the weather reports predicting a heat wave. A heat wave at Christmas- It can’t be true! Surely we will be brought a Christmas miracle and we will wake up on Sunday morning to a lovely sprinkling of white snow. But we will just wait and see. And so from myself and all of the staff at the Leader we would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and peaceful New Year.