In my view - A week of frustration

As the headline suggests, this week has been full of frustration.

Frustration in this trade can really bog you down as you wait patiently for someone to get back to you. The frustration is also worse when you see that person has replied to another publication and is now apparently ignoring you.

While the above is annoying, it wasn’t the source of the majority of my frustrationthis week. My frustration came from the A90.

Travelling into Stonehaven each day, I’ve seen my fair share of idiots. I’m not saying I’m the greatest driver, I’m human after all but in the last two weeks, I’ve almost been involved in three serious accidents. Two were actually on the same day and happened on Monday this week.

I would love to give people the benefit of the doubt and say it was because the nights are darker but each event took place in the morning.

One that left me shaking last week happened just before the bridge of Muchalls and if it hadn’t been for the Cookney central reservation for me to swerve into then I’m not quite sure what would of happened.

It doesn’t bear thinking about and playing over, but my frustration really lies with the reaction from the driver from Monday morning at the junction of Cairngorm Road and Stonehaven Road.

Content that the person in front had given me plenty of warning they were turning left up Cairngorm Road, I was passing in the right hand lane when the driver of a large van came out. This wouldn’t of normally bothered me as it happens frequently at that junction. However on Monday the van was so large that it was sticking out onto the A90 southbound, the lane I was travelling in.

Having to slam on my brakes, I used my horn....this is where my frustration was born. The driver appeared to flip me off and continue on his way.

Are you serious? I’m travelling at 40mph, you’ve come out in front of me and if I don’t slam on my brakes I am hitting straight into the drivers side.

I could have killed you. The scenario has played out in my head countless times since Monday. You could have children and you probably haven’t thought about that moment since it happened.

Let’s be clear though, if I smashed into the drivers side at 40mph on Monday morning I would of done some serious damage. To flip me off was the icing on the cake.

I suppose what I’m asking is for drivers to take a more serious approach up and down the A90.

Yes I’ve made mistakes when driving, but my reaction is normally to put my hand up and mouth ‘I’m sorry’. When I do this, 9 times out of 10 I’m met with a wave and what I assume is understanding. The other time it is met with someone shaking their head furiously who are normally using that situation to vent.

Venting is healthy as it keeps emotions from bottling over but please think about your reactions. I’m glad no one was hurt in my near misses but it could of easily of been the other end of the sprectrum.

One minor frustration I had this week was trying to retune my freeview. Channels were missing and after searching ever forum for two days, it appears my HDMI cable was blocking out the signal and the wires were literally crossed.