In My View - I’m sore..but what a week

This past week was one of the busiest, most draining and most fun I think I have ever had as a reporter at the Mearns Leader.

Many of you will be aware of what I got up to last weekend but I’ll take you back to Friday where I got to have what my colleagues called a ‘skive’, to go and play some golf at Stonehaven Golf Course.

With quite a few holes in one recently I tried the course for myself and well...You can read my (mis)adventure in the sports section or on the Mearns Leader website. There is also a handy video showing my skills.

Moving onto Saturday I know there was a plethora of events across Kincardine and Mearns however I was engaged with a pre-arranged date with a ‘beast’ in Deeside.

I have never done anything like a 10k before, let alone 25 obstacles also thrown in. However I did achieve what I set out to do, which was, just finishing.

I finished in quite a slow two hours, but I am too sore to care about the time.

You can see our pictures on pages 6 and 7 or on our website. One thing I will note is the day didn’t get off to a great start for me turning up to the Beast Race with my top inside out and wearing two left socks (training socks, apparently they have a right and a left). I am over the moon that we raised £1,200 for CLAN Cancer Support. During the highs and lows of the Beast Race it was good for my psyche to remember what I was going through that pain for.

To round off my crazy and fun weekend I was a volunteer at CLAN Landmark Walk in Aberdeen on Sunday. It was fantastic to be involved and play a small part in the day, knowing the amount of work that the team at CLAN put in. My day started by arriving at CLAN’s Aberdeen office at 6.30am (yes after completing the Beast the day before) and helping do a last drive through of the 13 mile route at 7am reporting any last minute hazards and making sure signs were pointing walkers in the right direction. (Quick aside - Union Street was a pain due to what I am assuming was late night revellers moving the signs).

My official title on the day was ‘Chief Assistant Marshal Driver 2’ which sounded a lot fancier than it actually was. I got to spend the day driving the Chief Marshal Assistant to zone points to talk to the marshals they had in place.

One thing that struck me was the different walks of life people come from to help at the event. Each zone was flush with people giving up their own time to help make the event successful.

I spoke to a retired couple who had time on their hands and wanted to give back to charity, I spoke to a lady who brought her dog and let me play with it, and I spoke to some young students who couldn’t manage the walk but wanted to help in their own way.

The mix of different ages and walks of life was a lovely sight to see. Kincardine and Mearns isn’t much different in my opinion. There are so many volunteer groups doing some fantastic projects for the community that they deserve all credit from their peers.

Our front page story this week is about an appeal for marshals for the world renowned fireballs ceremony at Hogmanay. I hope the volunteers come forward to help out as I know many would be disappointed if it was cancelled.