In my view - I think I’ve cracked piracy

Family, friends and colleagues will know that I rarely take myself seriously unless it concerns my work.

I’m often looked at with complete exasperation by those people when I go on another one of my ramblings, hence the title.

So you could imagine my delight when a new colleague started with the company this past week who won’t be as sure whether I’m completely serious or not allowing me to retell old stories and jokes. Christopher Bradley will mainly be working for the Deeside Piper but you will see his name appear in the Leader and Observer soon.

While getting to know my new colleague we got onto the topic of films as he was horrified I hadn’t seen the new Mad Max film. He said if I hadn’t seen it then I should bunk off work early and head to the cinema to watch it by myself because the film was that good he would do it himself.

From there we got into a whole other discussion about going to the cinema by yourself. I’ve never done this but I’ve always wanted to. It strikes me as odd that going to the cinema, where you sit in the dark, don’t speak and quietly eat your overpriced food selection is such a social event. How we got to that conclusion I’ve no idea.

I’ll happily watch a DVD or stream a film (legally) online at home but if I rocked up to the cinema myself purchasing one ticket, one drink and one (mixed) popcorn, sat down in my seat, I could imagine I’d get a few looks and whispers.

I don’t always agree with my better half which film to see and I still haven’t seen a summer blockbusters that has a bunch of superheroes in it due to this. I’ve racked my brain and I’ve come to the conclusion that I would only go to the cinema alone if I was in a different city, in different surroundings and had a couple of hours to kill before I went home. I think the embarrassment of being seen alone in a cinema by people you know probably has a lot to do with this.

Friends have already said to me ‘Why don’t you just watch it online’, and this leads into my theory that a lot of people stream films illegally because they don’t want to go to the cinema alone or don’t want to bother their partner to go watch a film that they know they don’t want to see.

As mentioned above I still haven’t seen the new Avengers film and I’ll probably wait till it is out on DVD or online legally. Maybe there could be individual showings where everyone is in agreement they are there to watch an awesome movie. Has anyone gone to the cinema alone? I’m genuinely curious so let me know by getting in touch the usual way