In My View - Merry Christmas

Christmas is a strange time of year in my family because the whole getting together feels rather forced in my opinion.

I love everyone in my family and I am in constant contact almost daily with them, however, we have never been the family to sit around the table at tea time.

I suppose in a way it is why I love Christmas because we are forced to sit around a table and swap terrible cracker jokes and put on silly hats. I normally spend the day with my grandparents and two sisters, but this year I will be spending it away from Aberdeen and will be down in Edinburgh on Christmas Day.

One thing I wasn’t looking forward to, was the drive down, but the bridge has reopened so I no longer have that stress worrying me. This year I am spending the day with my better half and her family. This is the first time I will have done this and I am looking forward to their Christmas traditions to see how they compare to mine.

One Christmas tradition we have always had in my family is bacon rolls in the morning. In my younger years I was always feeling slightly delicate on Christmas morning due to spending time with friends the night before.

A bacon roll became the tradition because one year I believe my grandparents bought too much bacon and needed to use it up. It is safe to say in my family that bacon rolls are an opportunity that are never missed.

I believe down in Edinburgh we are having bacon rolls too, this is probably just to accommodate me, but bacon is never going to be passed up no matter the occasion.

Talking around the office, one of the reporters has the tradition where his family open a present on Christmas Eve.

I’m looking forward to Christmas this year to enjoy a new experience in a different place. I have been told that during Christmas that Edinburgh becomes a fantastic place with the light show getting a lot of attention this year.

It will be worth seeing and I’m hoping to catch it when I get down on Christmas Eve once our editions have gone to print.

I would say this year has definitely been full of highs and lows at our offices as we reflect on those we have lost and will no longer be with us at this festive time of year. I am sure everyone has someone they wish was still with them at this time of year and I understand their feelings.

I am also reflecting on a year where I did the hardest personal challenge in my life in the Banchory Beast Race. I find myself gobsmacked to think I even signed up for the event, let alone completed it and had a very sore but fun time doing it.

With the run up to Christmas getting longer, it is quite the surprise that we aren’t all exhausted by the time the day arrives. However, all the festive specials on the telly will keep us entertained as we sit in a food coma from all the over indulgence of Christmas dinner.

I’m looking forward to bringing in the new year in Stonehaven again this year and can’t wait to hear OAITS and see the Fireballs.

Going back to traditions I would love to hear if you and your family across Kincardine, Mearns and Deeside have any.

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