In My View - Nearing the end of the sports season

Like a lot of people across Kincardine, Mearns and Deeside I enjoy my sports and have played and watched a wide variety in my time.

I never understood people who say “I don’t like sports” because I believe there is a sport out there for anyone.

For me, sport can come in varying forms. It has been a distraction, it has been an outlet and it has been taken too seriously.

I also think people like to consume sports differently. For example, this past Sunday, on the BBC Sport website, I watched the Challenge Cup final of ice hockey. It featured the Nottingham Panthers playing the Cardiff Devils.

Nottingham won in overtime but I found myself almost falling asleep at times.

It wasn’t that the game wasn’t entertaining, because it was full of drama and twists and turns. I can’t put my finger on it completely but I think a lot of my detachment on Sunday was because of the production side of things.

It was great to see ice hockey on the BBC but there was missed action and a couple of shaky cameras which were really noticeable on my end.

It might be harsh but I personally think if the BBC wants to try something new then some slicker hockey coverage wouldn’t be a bad shout.

I’ve written about ice hockey many times now and how I enjoy an Aberdeen Lynx game and I’ve come to the conclusion that I prefer going to ice hockey than watching it on the telly.

This isn’t the first sport where I find myself consuming it in a different way.

I prefer playing golf and going round the course with pals than watching the pros on tv.

I find it also works the opposite way too. I prefer watching darts than playing it.

Each sport has its own pros and cons I suppose and it is about finding that niche for you.

My better half and I went to the ice hockey on a whim last year because we heard it was good entertainment.

It is amazing how this little ‘whim’ decision has led to myself actually filling in as an announcer a few weeks ago. A job I enjoyed a little too much.

However we now find ourselves coming to the end of multiple sport seasons.

Aberdeen Lynx have a Scottish Cup semi-final on Sunday with a play off place confirmed with a win away to Elgin a couple of weeks ago.

Aberdeen FC got a nice win away at Thistle on Tuesday night to bridge the gap onCeltic to one point in the Scottish Premier League. It is one down and nine to go.

Locally I’ve been keeping a close eye on Stonehaven FC and hope the lads bounce back from their defeat at the weekend.

I’ll admit that football is one sport I enjoy watching on the television, watching in the stands and playing on the pitch.

I recently joined a six-a-side league in Aberdeen with friends for a bit of fun but I’m quickly finding out that even at this level the competitiveness shines through.

In the two games I’ve played in, I have noticed that all the players are quite young and I can tell you now I have been struggling to keep up with all these young bucks.

I’ve found myself hobbling into work for the past two weeks on a Wednesday feeling like I’ve just taken part in a boxing match.

Hopefully next week gets easier.