In my view - Oh Christmas tree..oh Christmas tree

This past Tuesday I had probably one of the best jobs in covering the delivery and installation of Stonehaven’s Christmas tree.

Regular readers might have seen my story last week of the Christmas tree’s journey and how much local volunteering effort it takes to get something of this calibre done.

It is one thing writing about the hard work and time people in the community give up to make the Christmas tree happen, but it is another thing to witness it first hand.

Knowing the tree was due to arrive at half 9 on Tuesday I did my usual of checking e-mails and speaking to colleagues before setting off on the long journey to Stonehaven’s Market Square for the arrival.

As I stepped out the of office on Tuesday morning on Ann Street I was overjoyed to see the Christmas tree drive past on Evan Street. When I say long journey, it was a minute-walk from my office to the market square if you don’t know Stonehaven too well.

There I was met by members of Stonehaven and District Community Council who were smiling ear to ear as the tree arrived.

I can hardly blame them as the tree arriving would have been months of phonecalls, e-mails and favour-asking coming to fruition.

I must confess that I wasn’t quite sure what was even involved in securing the tree into the ground so I sat and watched and spoke to some passers by who were also interested in the tree arriving.

What I did see was some pretty impressive coordination from a group of gentlemen who knew exactly what they were doing: from the tree arriving, to being unloaded with the crane and seeing bits of wood flying off the tree as it was carved to go into the ground.

I managed to grab some quick video of the tree which will be available on the Mearns Leader website in the coming days.

When it was on the side of the lorry I couldn’t picture how big the tree was. I had been told that the tree was smaller than last year but when it slotted into the ground the tree towered over the centre of Stonehaven.

As I chatted to passers by, my eye was drawn to the number of cars who were slowly driving past looking to sneak a peek. In one car I saw a lady and a child and the look on that child’s face was one of wonder and happiness.

It was a pretty easy look to recognise as it was appearing on everyone’s face when the tree slotted into the ground.

Last year the tree had a wobble and almost toppled. However this year another resident and organisation have fashioned a device that would hold the tree in place and take away any fears of that being repeated.

When I first heard this at the recent community council meeting I was slightly sceptical but having watched them drill the tree into place I watched the tree stand still in the winter wind.

I look forward to seeing the tree fully decorated and can’t wait for the light switch on this coming Saturday.

On a personal note I’d like to congratulate everyone involved for their hard work, dedication and Christmas spirit.

If it wasn’t for all of you then Stonehaven wouldn’t have a tree and the thought of no tree in the market square isn’t worth having.