In my view - Seagull here, seagull there

My colleagues and I released a spoof video this week on seagulls
My colleagues and I released a spoof video this week on seagulls

As you read this weeks ramblings I will be in Edinburgh on annual leave visiting family and friends and recharging the batteries.

Thank you to everyone on the lovely comments regarding last weeks column about dealing with stress. Talking to someone about it was the best advice I received before finishing up on Friday. When you have holidays booked you find yourself counting the days and I am no different.

However, I found myself in the position of helping colleagues with a video package which hopefully you will have seen on our websites. Seagulls have become a nuisance all around the north east including at Aberdeen Football Club. The last two homes games I’ve been to have saw a flurry of the scurries.

The gentleman sitting in the seats in front of my better half and I ended up with a ruined jumper. I tried not to laugh at him, but the child in me would not allow it. My internal thoughts were one of happiness that it wasn’t me.

The premise was simple, highlight the problems we get with seagulls through littering. We borrowed a seagull costume from the local football club and had one of the reporters inside it.

You may have seen them if you were out and about in Peterhead on Thursday. Peterhead and Stonehaven seem to have similar problems when it comes to seagulls, which is why the team here got involved. I have seen the hawk recently going about Stonehaven, but the hawk was being swooped at by a number of seagulls when I looked out the office window.

The video is over the top and hopefully uses humour to highlight an issue that many will have faced if they got a chipper or ice-cream from Stonehaven. The laughter in the office in Peterhead started early when Buchan Observer reporter Sean O’Neil put on the costume much to the delight of the staff. I will upload the picture for the online version of the ramblings. I can’t decide if Peterhead or Stonehaven has it worse off when it comes to seagulls, but the video we have uploaded to our websites could have easily been filmed in either location. However, I didn’t say no to a wee trip to the Blue Toon as I do enjoy the varied nature of my work. Travelling up to Peterhead, however, actually gave me a new respect for the two lane A90 I use to travel to Stonehaven and onwards to the Mearns. I found the single track road difficult to navigate with plenty of motorists in a hurry to try and pass everything in site.

Let me know your thoughts on the seagulls and our seagull video in the usual way, by contacting