In My View - X marks the spot at elections

Talking about politics in a forum such as this can be a gamble because you can never tell what the reaction will be.

However lets just get this bit out of way. I am not a member of any political party and for full disclosure, I have voted for a number a different parties over the years.

I consider myself a reasonable person and as a reasonable person, I hold the view that I am allowed to change my mind when presented with facts.

Now that boring bit is out of the way I wanted to talk about the school election results from Aberdeenshire. You can read the report inside the Mearns Leader and Deeside Piper this week as pupils got to see democracy in action and ran some mock elections.

Projects like this are of great benefit to everyone involved. When I took part in a similar project at school, I didn’t take it seriously, but pupils across Aberdeenshire look to have done so.

What I find interesting is one of the last times the schools did this was for the Scottish Independence Referendum.

When the schools did this back in 2013, the pupils voted for NO, which as everyone knows was the result in the actual referendum.

I am not saying that pupils predicted this but the pupils did seem to be in tune with the rest of the nation in terms of the result.

This week they took part in mock Scottish elections so lets take a look at the results that they returned.

The total number of votes polled for each participating party at the election is as follows:

Scottish Conservative: 2,240,

Scottish Labour Party: 1,503

Scottish Liberal Democrats: 1,177

Scottish Green Party: 1,996

Scottish National Party: 3,592.

Ballot papers rejected: 151, Total votes: 10,659

Constituencies won:

Scottish Conservative: 6

Scottish Labour Party: 3

Scottish Liberal Democrats: 1

Scottish Green Party: 1

Scottish National Party: 6

List members:

Scottish Conservative: 0

Scottish Labour Party: 0

Scottish Liberal Democrats: 2.

This is the a lot of information to take in, however some key points; SNP got the most votes and tied on constituencies won with the Scottish Conservaties but SNP gained a couple of list members.

If the pupils are in tune with the nation like they were two years ago then the Scottish Conservatives becoming the opposition could possibly happen.

It will be interesting to see how the Labour vote holds up in the election as it came third in this mock one.

We saw it collaspe in Scotland at the general election but your guess is as good as mine what will happen.

Additional Members System is designed to produce minority governments just like First Past the Post is designed to produce majorities.

We were surprised at a majority Conservative Government in May last year so will be surprised at a minority government in May this year?

Of course the actual results could be completely different than this year and I am in no way saying that this is my prediction.

What do you think?