Initiative looks at improving Stoney

Market Square Stonehaven
Market Square Stonehaven

A community initiative that aims to improve the general look of Stonehaven is encouraging residents and business owners to to carry out a quick ‘health check’ and undertake any essential repairs.

Work has been ongoing over the past year to make some initial improvements to the town centre, including work along the harbour and the removal of graffiti.

The public toilet at the harbour has been refurbished, and benches in the area were repainted. Future plans include the installation of picnic benches along the harbour front.

A review of litter bins in the town was undertaken, and a number of bins are to be replaced, with a particular focus on key areas such as the beach front, harbour and Market Square.

This year, the improvement group has developed a simple checklist to encourage residents and business owners to check the condition of their properties, including roofs, stonework, guttering, windows and doors. The leaflet also provides advice on reducing the nuisance caused by sea gulls.

Kincardine and Mearns Area Manager Willie Munro speaking on behalf of the group said: “I’d like to thank property owners for working with us to tackle a number of issues identified by the group last year.

“We’re also providing advice on how to deter and discourage sea gulls, and we hope the community will join us as the group continues to identify improvements for the benefit of all who live in or visit Stonehaven.”

The initiative hit the headlines last year when letters were sent out to businesses creating global coverage for Stonehaven when owners hit back at the letters sent out to them.