Interns visit Arduthie to learn of Olympic plans

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The first two interns to take part in the intern programme visited Arduthie Primary last week to interview primary seven classes who were making Olympic animations.

The Interns, eighgteen-year-old Mikey Henderson and sixteen-year-old Jonathan Penman, joined pupils during their ICT class which is taken by ICT specialist Jean Forsyth.

Mikey and Jonathan interviewed the pupils for Mearns FM and found out about what they were doing to celebrate the Olympics and also learned about the ICT classes.

They then took the sound clips back to Mearns FM where they put them on-line and some of the clips will be used on the radio. This is the first of the primary schools which the interns will visit.

ICT specialist, Jean Forsyth, explained that the animations are part of the Olympics programme and the pupils were making short films about the Olympics or healthy eating. She explained that it was “A great way for them to get involved.”

Mikey and Johnathan are the first two interns to take part in the Intern Project set up by Community Councillor Phil-Mills Bishop. The programme is set up in partnership with the Co-operative group and Aberdeenshire Council and hopes to provide youngsters with the skills and confidence required to enter the workplace. It was launched at the start of May and currently there is support in place for it to run in June as well.

It is hoped that it will continue past June if sponsorship is continued.

Interns are still needed for June and anyone who is interested should contact Phil-