Inverbervie and district Probus Club

The meeting of the Inverbervie Probus on April 21 was held at the Montrose Museum where an assortment of exhibits are on display.

Rachel Benzie, the curator , welcomed the party and gave a little history of the museum.

The Montrose museum was built in 1836 and opened in 1842 when the exhibits were moved from their previous location in a local school to one of the first the purpose built museums in the country. Rachel went on to give a brief introduction to some of the many people connected with the Scottish renaissance who varied in profession from poets, doctors, artists, novelist and more.

On completion of her introduction Rachel invited the members to explore the museum at their leisure at which point John Gillespie thanked her for her introductory talk.

On the ground floor exhibits include displays of militaria where the swords of James Graham, 1st Marquis of Montrose, can be viewed. A maritime section is housed on the second floor with an array of model ships with a model of the Cutty Sark donated in 1933 by J. Noel Johnston of Johnston salmon fishers fame.

On the third floor the museum has an informative exposition of the natural world including an interesting taxidermy of local wildlife. A small geology display containing a selection of Agates, a semi-precious stone, is also seen here.

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