Inverbervie Probus

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Inverbervie and District Probus Club met in the Crown Hotel on Tuesday November 27.

An excellent turn-out of Members heard Programme Secretary John Mackenzie introduce our Speaker - John Dunn from the Torry Marine Research Laboratory, with 46 years’ service behind him - the Laboratory itself having started in 1876.

John’s subject was entitled ‘The Power of the Sea’. He explained that plankton moves about the seabed, more like animals, and very colourfully at that!

From a mixture of water and plankton, animal feed and practically carbon-neutral bio-diesel can be produced. One of the most available sources of power is human and animal waste, which can produce heat and gas. In Whistler, Canada, the sport-loving public skied on (white) snow made from human waste, but the authorities ruled this out of order, so the problem of what to do with the waste is back with them!

Within two years, buses in Aberdeen will be hydrogen-fuelled.

John explained that Excise Taxes seems to be the main impediment to harnessing these resources ... what a pity!

During the many questions that followed, the discussion reached rock bottom at times, but our thoughts were much more elevated.

A Vote of Thanks for a thought-provoking talk was given by President John Gillespie