Inverbervie Probus Club

In the absence of Chris Greene the president introduced Bill Rebecca who performed some amazing illusions interspersed with tales of his experiences with other members of the magic circle.

A form of magic has been performed since 50,000 prehistoric people probably as magic spells in an attempt to influence the outcome of whatever they desired at the time. This bears little resemblance to today’s illusions.

During the period from 1500’s to 1700’s belief in magic spread around the world with some highly educated people believing in its power, notably Sir Isaac Newton who studied alchemy.

It’s also thought that its popularity grew as the lords of the lands were seeking something more entertaining than the court jester.

During this period people were also tried for practicing witchcraft.

In later years magic lost its allure due to scientific advances proving that magic wasn’t real.

Today’s magic is used as a form of entertainment although some people still believe in witchcraft and may carry lucky charms.

After numerous questions some of which were left unanswered due to the magicians oath never to reveal the secrets of magic to non-magicians the vote of thanks was given by Willie Beattie.