Inverbervie Probus Club

At our meeting of April 7 our members of the Inverbervie Probus Club, were treated to a very informative illustrated talk from Mike Meganson of Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.

Wednesday, 22nd April 2015, 7:00 am

Mike explained how the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service came into being with the amalgamation of the eight regional services with the interim headquarters in Perth. Although “Grampian” region no longer exists in name the service still operates in a similar manner. There are currently 40 stations in the region with 3 full time stations in Aberdeen city and a further three in other locations. The remainder are retained stations where the crews are volunteers and are employed elsewhere.

The personnel levels required per pump station is 10 with a minimum requirement of four attending on a call out and a maximum of 6, depending on the type of emergency.

Local control rooms are being closed and Dundee will become the central control station for Northern region in 2016.

Since amalgamation the fire service role has changed substantially from fighting fires and rescuing animals from precarious situations. In addition to combatting all manner of fires, from small domestic fires to large industrial infernos the fire fighters of today attend a variety of emergencies. Road traffic collisions form a large part of their front line service with over 2,200 incidents being attended in the last year, with specialist equipment often required to extricate the victims.

All fire fighters are trained in first aid and will deal with casualties until professional medics arrive. Specialist rescues are also carried out by the search and rescue teams who have the specialist equipment including extremely sensitive listening devices to locate casualties trapped beneath several metres of collapsed rubble.

New fire fighting equipment able to punch through building wall materials allowing water jets to be deployed from outside the building reducing the risk to the fire fighters is now available. After a lengthy session of questions expertly answered Gordon Watson gave thanks to Mike for his informative talk.