Inverbervie targeted by racist group

Stickers have appeared on bus stops
Stickers have appeared on bus stops
  • Racist flag and stickers posted in the town
  • Locals disgusted and have removed the items

A group of Bervie residents joined together to clean up the town after racist stickers were distributed throughout the Royal Burgh.

Locals contacted police after seeing stickers posted onto bus shelters bearing slogans “White people awake. Save the White Race” and “Non-White immigration means white genocide”.

The flag that was put up in Inverbervie on the old bridge

The flag that was put up in Inverbervie on the old bridge

One image included a white blank face using a razor blade to open their eyes.

A Bervie resident who wished to rename anonymous said: “There was a group of residents out stripping stickers and scrubbing signs/lamp posts last night so Bervie is pulling together ‘as always’ and fighting back.”

The Mearns Leader was contacted by residents who were disgusted by the material posted. A flag was also removed from the old bridge in Inverbervie which promoted the racist group ‘Creativity Alliance’.

A Police Spokesman said: “Police have been made aware of public concern regarding the content of some stickers on bus shelters in Inverbervie. This information is currently being assessed.”

Someone has posted the graphic content around Inverbervie

Someone has posted the graphic content around Inverbervie

Reaction on our social media also suggests that this might not be the first town in Kincardine and Mearns to be targeted by the group. Members of the public have commented and tweeted us their views.

Hazel Robson: “This is without doubt the most disgusting thing I have seen. “What on earth are people doing with their lives to have time to push this kind of hatred on to others. I am truly sick to my stomach.”

Erin Sim: “My brother found several of these about two months ago now stuck to the Clydesdale Bank cash machine in Laurencekirk he removed them every time he saw but they kept being replaced until we posted on facebay laurencekirk and made people aware and most people who read our comments were shocked and appalled since then I don’t believe my brother has found anymore.

“Its disgusting and not something that me and most other sane people will tolerate. Its an issue that we must work together to drive out of our community.”

The Creativity Alliance has its origins in America, where it was founded by Ben Klassen in the 1970s, and is openly racist and anti-semitic.

A member of Creativity Alliance from the Church of Creativity Britain contacted the Mearns Leader this week, after we broke the story regarding the material posted in Bervie.

The Reverend James Mac has said that the Mearns Leader was wrong to use the terms ‘white supremacy’ and ‘white power’.

He said: “You state that The Church of Creativity is promoting ‘white power’ and ‘white supremacy’ in the area. This implies that adherents to our religion are in favour of dominating and even enslaving members of other races, which is completely wrong and absurd.

“In all our literature, and in all our religious texts, never once do we refer to our religion as a ‘white power’ or ‘white supremacist’ religion.

“On the contrary. Adherents to Creativity advocate Racial Separation - the very opposite of ‘white supremacy’ - and that White people, both locally and on a global scale, simply look out for the best interests of their own kind. We call this Racial Loyalty and Solidarity.”

He also went on to add that the contents of their stickers were ‘completely legal’.

He said: “I would further like to note that the content of the stickers that appear in the piece is perfectly legal. If you had contacted us before publishing, we might have saved you from so many glaring errors.”

You can read the full letter in this weeks Letters page (p10).