Investigation into waste management

Aberdeenshire Council have supported a report on the future of waste management, following an in-depth investigation by the Scrutiny & Audit Committee.

The report included a detailed action plan setting out a range of initiatives which will help to support Aberdeenshire Council to meet challenging targets to reduce the amount of waste it sends to landfill.

Councillors were told that the investigation had been complex and detailed, but extremely helpful given the increasing pressure on the council to meet waste reduction targets in a climate of reducing budgets.

Councillors also accepted the significant work required to achieve greater awareness and understanding by householders of the waste they generate, and adopt a partnership approach to tackling the issue.

The report included an action plan with a range of actions that councillors agreed should be taken forward. These include joint working with a range of partners to maximise resources; a separate food waste collection for Woodhill House and other council premises; kerbside collection of food waste; investment in education and promotion of waste initiatives; joint working with community groups and making best use of new technology for handling residual waste.

Further work will be progressed once the detailed regulations around Zero Waste are published by Scottish Government, to ensure that the council complies with any new requirements.

Councillor Peter Bellarby, chair of the Scrutiny & Audit Committee said: “Waste is an emotive subject that affects everyone. It is a matter that is taken very seriously by Aberdeenshire Council, and it is recognised that more needs to be done to make householders aware of their responsibilities to reduce the waste that goes to landfill.

“Waste management is a matter for everyone, we need to get everyone on board and work together towards the aims. We have some excellent initiatives run by a range of community groups and we’re keen to continue working with them, supporting them to meet their aims.

“The action plan sets out how council officers will take forward the recommended course of action and ensure that Aberdeenshire Council continues to demonstrate leadership in this area of work.”

Councillor Amanda Allan, vice chair of the Scrutiny & Audit Committee explained that the report highlighted the best way forward for waste, within a tight budget.