Investment in Stonehaven

Projects in Stonehaven are set to benefit from Aberdeenshire Council’s underspend budget.

At Aberdeenshire Council’s Policy and Resource committee meeting on Thursday a number of projects across Aberdeenshire received funding including two in Stonehaven with £174,000 being earmarked for the restoration of the Stonehaven Clock Tower and £320,000 to be spent on the development of an all-weather pitch in the town.

Local Councillors have welcomed the money being spent in Stonehaven.

Peter Bellarby, Councillor for Stonehaven and Lower Deeside, said: “The Clock Tower, or Town House as it should properly be known, is badly in need of restoration. I am very pleased that it has been possible to allocate money so that it can be fully restored. It is part of the tourist scene in Stonehaven and a landmark for visitors and locals alike. All the funding is now in place for the project so I look forward to the completion of the project in due course.

“Stonehaven has been in need of an all weather pitch for many years so the allocation of future funding for this is very welcome. Sports facilities in Stonehaven are not as good as they should be and need improving. This was also the conclusion reached at the ward forum for Stonehaven and Lower Deeside, which was held on Thursday of last week. The whole meeting was devoted to assessing the needs and opportunities for sporting facilities. I am pleased that this will be taken forward by Stonehaven Town Partnership. The all weather pitch will certainly enhance the sporting provision in Stonehaven and I know it will be well used.”

Cllr Raymond Christie also welcomed the funding for the sports facility. He said: “This will be a huge benefit to sports clubs in the community. We need to take this project forward and I would encourage any person interested to contact myself.

We need to get all sports involved as important decisions need to be taken over the next months as we decide on the size and location.”