Irn-Bru lights up Forth Bridge to mark iconic campaign

Images were projected on to the Forth Bridge
Images were projected on to the Forth Bridge

Irn-Bru has celebrated 30 years of its longest running and most iconic campaign - Made in Scotland from Girders - by projecting images of special commemorative bottle designs on to the Forth Bridge.

The five limited edition pack designs, showcasing the brand’s most nostalgic and loved advertising posters, will be available for six weeks only.

Irn-Bru spokesman Adrian Troy said projecting the design on to the world heritage site was a fitting tribute.

“The Forth Bridge and girders are engrained into Irn-Bru’s history, from the famous ‘Rail Bridge’ poster to the opening ceremony of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, so it felt right that we include it in our celebrations with this unique projection,” he said. “Plus, we all know Irn-Bru is actually made from Girders...”

Irn-Bru is the most famous drink produced by soft drinks firm A. G. Barr, started by Robert Barr in Falkirk back in 1875. It has been made to the closely guarded secret recipe in Cumbernauld since 2001.


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