“Irresponsible” dog walkers in Portlethen

A RENEWED call has been made for dog walkers in Portlethen to pick up their dog’s mess when they are in a public place.

The issue was brought up at January’s meeting of Portlethen and District community council when representatives from Fishermoss Primary School’s parent council told members that parents were unhappy about the amount of dog mess that was being left in the park next to the school – an area where the school football team regularly plays matches against other schools. They said that before each match they had to clear the pitch of dog mess, and this presented a potential health hazard.

Members of the public backed the calls, saying that this has been an issue in the town for many years, and some even suggested that dogs be banned from the area, or at least signage put up to warn offending dog walkers that they could be fined for the offence.

Members of the community council also heard that the Fishermoss parent council were unhapy with the condition of Bourtree car park - particularly in wintry condtions - describing it as “hazardous” and “an accident waiting to happen”. They said that they would like to see measures taken to improve the car park, suggesting that white lines be painted to mark out spaces, and separate entry and exit sites among others.

The need for increased safety on the road immediately outside the school was also brought up, with the parent council suggesting that a zebra crossing be created, or lollipop person be employed to ensure the safety of the pupils.