It happened in the Mearns

What happened in the Mearns from our own archives.

25 years ago - Last week’s meeting of the newly formed Stonehaven and District Sports Development Trust claimed that the town’s Mineralwell Park can only accommodate three football pitches, which certainly seems inadequate considering that there are 350 Youth Football members in Stonehaven, plus four adult teams. It seems that five or six pitches are required, so the Trust seem justified to be on the lookout for pastures new.

Trust members agreed, therefore, to approach the District Council with a view to enquiring whether or not it would be possible to purchase or lease the Chapel Fields in Dunnottar Woods. You can walk through the Woods a hundred times without knowing that this large and relatively flat area lies sheltered in the middle of the trees.

Stonehaven Amateur Athletics Club and the Stonehaven Youth Football Club approve of this site, located within the bypass, because they consider that children travelling to and from the playing fields wouldn’t have to cross the bypass, thus cutting out any danger and anxiety for parents.

Having a newly-installed artificial wicket at Mineralwell, the Trust considers that the Thistle Cricket Club might wish to remain there. In its suggested role as an open space for the enjoyment of all, Mineralwell might suit the cricketers, allowing them to play unhindered by footballs.

50 years ago - People who go out in boats from Stonehaven harbour in unsuitable weather were criticised by local fishermen at the weekend.

This followed an incident on Saturday, when two young men, believed to be from Aberdeen, were blown on to the Downie Point Rocks with their sailing dinghy. They were paddling as it had no sail. Two friends canoeing nearby went to their aid and the fishing boats, The Brothers (skipper Ian Balgowan), The Trustful (Allan Craig), The Superb (John Cargill) and the yacht club’s rescue boat, put out from the harbour.

While the rescue boats stood by the two men got on to the rocks and rescued some of their equipment. The dinghy was eventually washed over the rocks to Strathlethen Bay, where skipper Balgowan managed to get a rope aboard and towed it back to the harbour.

One of the crew stayed with the gear on the rocks, while the other made his way back to the harbour along the cliffs.

Afterwards Skipper Balgowan commented: “They ought to have had more sense in going out there today. There is far too much wind.”

An official of Stonehaven yacht Club said the youths were not members of the yacht club.

100 years ago - Stonehaven will have the honour of entertaining the Scottish Land Court for the first time in the end of this week when cases are on the roll to be called at the Stonehaven Sheriff Court.

The Court will meet on three days, Friday, Saturday and Monday first, and well over a dozen cases will come before it.

It is understood that the members of the Court will stay in Stonehaven for about a week and will visit the holdings specified on the days when the court is not sitting.


The warm weather of the past week or two has greatly increased the number of boaters and bathers at the beach. Fotunately, too, on most days the sea has been calm. Both in the morning and forenoon there is a large number of bathers, while the evening is the mot popular time for boating.


The sea fishing season is now here and fairly good sport is being got every evening. Small boats are still going to the “dandie” fishing but whitings are now more common than the young herring. Every evening there are a good few rock fishers and they are taking quite good baskets of codlings and saithe.