It happened in the Mearns April 10

This week we bring you what happened in the Mearns from our own archives.

25 YEARS AGO - April 13th 1990

Eye-catching black and gold glass-fibre bins have been springing up in parks throughout the District this week. These repositories for dog excrement are being installed by Kincardine/Deeside District Council, in an attempt to combat what they see as a menace to public health. Environmental services committee chairman, Cllr Jenny Watson, above left, launched the new scheme last Thursday, with deputy environmental health director Mr John Eddie. “The council is becoming increasingly concerned by the amount of dog dirt in parks,” said Mr Eddie. “Faeces can carry and spread disease. One disease in particular can cause blindness.” With this in mind, bins are being provided at Mineralwell Park in Stonehaven, Coastal Park and Braehead, Newtonhill, and at Nicol Park, Portlethen. It is hoped that dog owners will make use of the bins.

50 YEARS AGO - April 9th 1965

Stonehaven Town Council has at last got victory in sight regarding the safety of pedestrians crossing Allardice Street. Some time ago, as an experiment, lights were installed which gave a ten-second red phase to allow pedestrians freedom to cross. It was a limited success, but it was no uncommon thing to see some old person faltering too long, unsure which way the lights were working, and to falter in Allardice Street is very dangerous indeed. Now, however, the council has won the approval of the Scottish Development Department and County Planning Committee to the incorporation of “Cross Now” signs in the lights, so the difficulty should be removed and everything made safer for pedestrians and motorists alike. It has been a long fight and one that at time looked impossible to win, but perseverance has told.

100 YEARS AGO - April 15th 1915

During the last few weeks the Burgh surveyor and his staff have been engaged in getting the beach into its summer condition again. The winter storms had obliterated the pathway from the footbridges to the promenade but the shingle has now been removed and the pathway has been levelled. The gaps in the Promenade itself have been filled. A beginning has also been made with the levelling of the new Esplanade to the north of the Promenade, and a considerable quantity of material has been carted there to be used as wanted. While it is never safe to count upon the weather - or the sea - it is hardly to be expected that there will be any further storms to impede operations. It would seem that there is more shingle on the beach than usual and this is highly satisfactory.