It happened in the Mearns April 17

This week we bring you what happened in the Mearns from our own archives.

25 YEARS AGO - April 20th 1990

Councillor Harrison McLean acknowledged the plaudits of his colleagues at the District Council environmental services committee on Thursday, when plans for the new public toilets at Stonehaven harbour were unveiled. Cllr McLean had faced years of criticism from all sides in his Ward about the existing toilets on Shorehead, and objections to the siting of their replacement - first within the ancient Tolbooth premises and the area surrounding it. John McRobert of the Regional Council’s architectural services department said the new site was at the Backies car park, and although the price had been £50,000 some years ago, an increase in the cost of building the conveniences this year could be expected. There would be facilities for disabled people, and construction would be such as not to detract from the appearance of the harbour area.

50 YEARS AGO - April 16th 1965

Preliminary work is going on at present at the Mineral Well, which will in time provide Stonehaven with its sports ground. Drains are being laid, and the surface will be the next to get attention. It is hoped that the cricket and football pitches will be in operation within a couple of years.


There are signs that Stonehaven beach is again waking up for the summer season. The beach shelter and toilets have been available for some time, and cravans, probably home-based, are appearing in the park at the recreation grounds. Further south, the beach extension scheme seems to be getting well under way, and at the beginning of the week the concrete wall was being laid. But whether there is anything except natural attractions or not, visitors seem to find it a good place to visit.

100 YEARS AGO - April 22nd 1915

The result in the Licensing Court for Kincardineshire in Stonehaven on Tuesday is that there is one license fewer in the County in the coming year than last - the license at Muchalls Hotel having lapsed. The question of this license brought before the Justices a petition of considerable length. The petition was about two yards long and contained over a hundred names. The chief object to the license at Muchalls is, of course, the amount of drinking that goes on there on a Sunday, and it was on this account that the petitioners wished the license reduced to a six day license only. When the alternative of a six days’ license or no license was offered to him, the tenant refused to accept the six days’ license.