It happened in the Mearns March 13

This week we bring you what happened in the Mearns from our own archives.

25 YEARS AGO - March 16th 1990

A campaign to protect Portlethen Moss from further development has been launched by liberal Democrat, Mairi Nash - candidate in the forthcoming Lower Deeside District Council by-election - who claims there has been an “outcry” from local residents against proposals for further building on the land. Ms Nash said that the Moss provided an attractive entrance to Portlethen and if development continued the Moss could end up being restricted to a narrow strip beside the dual carriageway. “Local people have told me they believe any further building on the Moss is wrong - they want to see Portlethen Moss preserved and turned into an area to be enjoyed by all the people of the community,” she said. Ms Nash says that she will ask local residents what they want to see happen to the Moss.

50 YEARS AGO - March 12th 1965

Dean of Guild A. Galbraith referred to the “very disappointing progress” in the town hall reconstruction at Inverbervie Town Council’s monthly meeting on Tuesday night. Stating that something would have to be done to accelerate progress, he asked if a time clause could be inserted in future contracts. Mr J. Elliot, burgh surveyor, explained that this would involve empolying an all-in contractor, which could cut out local men. “Slow progress in building is a problem which exists all over the country,” he said. “One of the reasons is that local authorities take the lowest tender for a particular scheme, and contractors accept these jobs to keep themselves going.” The council agreed to contract certain tradesmen for improvements to houses in the Square, and to withdraw the fidelity bond system used in previous housing contracts.

100 YEARS AGO - March 18th 1915

No one could have been blamed last week for imagining that summer had come round again and some of the young boys of the Old Town evidently thought that the time was come to begin “dooking” in the harbour. From Thursday till Sunday some of these budding Burgesses had a daily swim back and forward. Now, of course, with snow on the ground, there is nothing doing in this line,


Scouting in Stonehaven is booming. A short time ago a largely attended meeting was held in the Scout Hall when as many as 10 new recruits were secured for the local troop. Scoutmaster Vernon has now got these formed into patrols, four new patrols or eight being formed with patrol leaders. Training was commenced last Friday.