It Happened in the Mearns

We take a look back at what was making the headlines locally on this week in 1992, 1967 and 1917:

Friday, 30th June 2017, 10:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 18th July 2017, 8:35 am


Friday June 26th, 1992

A move to set up a civic trust to fund the provision of a much-needed public facilities in Portlethen, has been bcked by Kincardine/Deeside District Councillors.

At a meeting of the District’s policy and resources committee, members agreed to provide “core funding” up to a maximum of £1,000 for the possible formation of the Portlethen Civic Amenities Trust.

Aims of the Trust, which has the backing of Kincardine/Deeside Enbterprise Trust (KADET), would be to involve the community in providing a significant range of improvements to the Portlethen area. These would, it is proposed, include a new games hall, improved landscaping, and additional parks and recreational areas.

Reporting to the meeting, District Council Chief Executive, Mr Tom Hyder, told members: “There is every likelihood that once the Trust is formed, substantial capital funding towards the above initiatives could be obtained from Grampian Enterprise and the private sector.” Mr Hyder explained that Trust status would enable the Portlethen community to “strike up a rapport” with commercial bodies, say, the oil industry, which could be a useful source of funding for the games hall proposal. Local District Councillor Mrs Mhairi Nash welcomed the committee’s decision. “Unlike other communities in the District, Portlethen has no Common Good Fund, and much is needed to be done in the area.”


Friday June 30th, 1967

Stonehaven is all set for its summer season proper, which begins on Saturday.

There have been quite a few early holidaymakers about, and many day visitors, but the real season starts this weekend and goes on for about eight weeks. Most of the available accommodation in the town is already booked for the two months. Judging by the “Bed and Breakfast” signs on view, the town is well able to cater for those who wnjoy that sort of holiday.

The caravan and recreation grounds sites are fully booked and thoughts are already turning to the question of enlarging the municipal site. Given fine weather, there should be no lack of things to occupy the visitors’ time, and Alastair Gibson and his assistant, Richard Michael, are all set to provide a succession of entertainments. On Monday they introduced a “Top of the Town” quiz in the town hall, and this proved a great success. On Tuesday evenings they are to hold country rambles, when they will take the visitors on short walks round the spots of interest in the district. Alasdair told the Mearns Leader yesterday that they hope to organise weekly cabaret shows in the town hall. Richard Michael will be in charge of the musical side, and they hope to have one or two artists standing by and to draw on visitors’ talent. The weekly galas at the swimming pool are also to be broadened in their scope.


Thursday June 28th 1917

An important sitting of the local Tribunal is to be held next Wednesday evening, commencing at 7pm.

The sitting has been called primarily to deal with the cases of single-man businesses. Yesterday five appeals against decision of the Stonehaven Burgh tribunal were heard in Aberdeen. In two cases out of the five exemption was granted, but the other three fared no better than they did at Stonehaven, being refused and ordered to join up in one month or two months. What effect these decisions will hae on the cases which have come up on Wednesday first remains to be seen.


There was a very large gathering at the annual Musical Exhibition given by the pupils of the Mackie Academy, Stonehaven, which was given in the school gymnasium yesterday afternoon.

The Academy is unusually strong in musical talent at the present time, and the programme presented was the finest given since this feature was started a good many years ago, and undoubtedly marks a new era in the musical history of the school. The Rev. J. B. Burnett, who presided, said that they all knew that, just as the appearance of the swallow foretold the coming of summer, their annual musical exhibition heralded the coming of the summer vacation.