It’s a busy year ahead for LBC

Linda Farquharson, chairwoman, introduced the meeting of the Laurencekirk Business Club in the lovely comfort of Hugo’s.

She welcomed all the group members and Liz Murdoch, the NFU secretary for Kincardineshire, who is organising all the insurances for any events LBC hold throughout the year, in particular the bonfire night.

It is going to be a busy and exciting year ahead as they plan activities to raise funds for this event.

A spokesperson said: ‘‘ We aim to make sure it is a safe and well-organised event with a spectacular firework display for everyone to enjoy.’’

The LBC are also in the process of organising a farmers market in Laurencekirk in the future. The plans are in the early stage at the moment and a meeting is to be held at Hugo’s next Tuesday, May 20, at 7pm with David Lamb (from SAC Consultancy) and Derek McDonald (Aberdeenshire Council) to discuss what will be needed to make this happen.

This year, instead of holding a family fun evening fund raiser, there are plans to hold a dance later in the year at the new Mearns Academy Hall. Raffle tickets will be on sale in Hugo’s and all proceeds raised will go towards the bonfire event in November.

Jacquie Donoghue, chairwoman of the Laurencekirk Gala, introduced event details for this years event. It is running from July 13-20, with a dance in the St Laurence Hall to finish the gala off. There will be something for everyone and Kristy Moar and Claire Hunter are organising the gala day on Saturday July 19, where just some of the things to see will be vintage tractors, Meer Kats and a local pet show.

Jacquie is involved with organising the Johnston Tower race, a wonderful family run, which has taken place for years as part of the gala event, with a challenging, but beautiful run up and around Johnston Tower and back. Programme of events will be issued soon.

Ann Johnson is the financial director from Blaze Engineering, which recently opened new business premises in the Laurencekirk Business Park.

Ann gave a very honest and intuitive insight into the world of business. Successful overseas contracts led to excellent business relationships with more business and their company has gone from strength to strength.

She shared tips along the way with advice they had been given from a variety of sources and also their personal experience and reinforced how networking and maintaining a Global reputation as being part of the secrets to their success and continued growth. It was an incredibly inspirational talk and it will be an asset having her as one of the business club members.