Kinneff CD will help Old Church fundraising

A SPECIAL concert takes place in Kinneff Old Church tonight (Friday) to launch a new appeal for funds.

Replicas of the Scottish Regalia, the crown, the sword and the sceptre, famously saved from the army of Oliver Cromwell in 1651 and hidden in the church, will be on display, courtesy of Forest View Centre, Stonehaven.

These were produced as part of a heritage project by service users of the Centre, and have been on display in the Old Church on several occasions.

They will be displayed in the very location where the Scottish Regalia were hidden, after being smuggled out of Dunnottar Castle, by The Reverend Grainger’s wife, and buried beneath the floor of the Old Church.

A new compilation CD “A Window in Kinneff” will be launched at the concert to help raise funds for the restoration and maintenance of the windows in the Old Church. (All tracks by Dave Ramsay).

The CD features tracks about the Old Church, and other heritage songs and stories, about the Kinneff/Old Church area.

The title track of the CD is called the Crown Jewels of Kinneff, and tells the story of the Regalia being smuggled from Dunnottar Castle to the Old Church.

This track was written in the church, and performed and recorded by pupils of Kinneff primary school in 2008 at a concert in the Old Church, which makes it a real community heritage contribution.

On Friday evening, as part of this song, the Reverend Kenneth Petrie, Vice Chair of the Kinneff Old Church Preservation Trust, will narrate the story of the Regalia being hidden and the instructions for their safekeeping, as told by the Rev. Grainger and his wife.

As part of the CD and the concert, Tony Peters will narrate a piece about the Ghost of the Northern Belle, a mystery about a trawler which ran aground on the Whistleberry rocks, behind the Old Church of Kinneff.

It is hoped that sales of the CD will raise £1,000 towards the repair costs of one window, and copies will be on sale tonight.