Knitting for our troops overseas

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A Stonehaven man has been in touch with this newspaper to highlight the work done by the local churches in sending knitted items to our troops in Afghanistan.

He says: “Browsing through a booklet on ‘Fetteresso Parish Church 1810-1977,’ I came across a snippet on woollen goods made by the Women’s Guild and sent out to troops in the Great War, including ‘835 pairs of socks, 10 nightshirts, two pairs of gloves and 9 helmets’.

“I am delighted to say that some things remain constant. During the past 14 months, over 100 woolly helmets and several dozen pairs of mitts have been sent to Afghanistan, all hand-knitted by ladies from the Stonehaven Churches. These items are hugely valued by our lads and lassies out there, not only for warmth in the bitter Helmand winter but also because they demonstrate that the folks back home really care about them and value the ever-dangerous role they are fulfilling for world peace. A great big Christmas thank-you to all concerned.”