Late night transport

Stonehaven and District Communtiy Council hit out at the lack of late night transport available in the area at their meeting this week.

Councillor Graeme Clark explained that he had raised the issue with Nestrans, the Transport partnership for Aberdeen City and Shire, and that they were considering the introduction of a late night train as an alternative to running late night buses, which in the past had issues with anti social behaviour.

However he added that this would not be discussed with Scotrail until the franchise is up in 2014.

This revelation caused Commmunity Councillors to call for another solution to be found.

Councillor Clark said: “we need to try and find a way forward.”

He explained that late night buses successfully run South of the city but that drivers on the route to Stonehaven late at night said they felt “vulnerable.” Community Council chairman, David Fleming expressed his surprise at this as he was shocked that drivers would feel more at risk coming to Stonehaven than other communities, such as Fraserburgh.

One explanation was made for this with one community councillor telling of his own experience of getting on a bus at night back to Stonehaven, where the journey took over an hour as the bus visited all of the places on the way including Cove and Newtonhill.

It was explained that late night buses South do not go off the main road and so a less lengthy journey could effect peoples behaviour. It was suggested therefore that the new express service running late might offer a solution.

Another possible explanation which was offered was the fact that ten years ago Portlethen was revealed to have the largest number of young people in Scotland, and one Community Councillor said they are now ten years older and getting the buses home drunk.

However whatever the reason for the issues it was agreed that something must be done and the Community Council agreed to write a letter to Stagecoach about the issue.