Laurencekirk burgh building to be community run?


A central, well-known building in Laurencekirk could

be reopened and operated

by the community.

The Howe o’ the Mearns Heritage Trust have said that they are in the process of applying to Aberdeenshire Council to acquire the former library and Burgh Building for use by community groups.

The building is one of several in the town that was closed recently by the local authority, following the opening of the new Mearns Academy community campus, which is intended to give sufficient provision for the community groups in the area.

However, several groups have said that the new facility does not meet their needs as well as the old buildings do.

Mike Robson, from the Howe o’ the Mearns Heritage Trust, said: “ Until its recent closure, five local groups made use of the meeting room and are interested in its development as the location for a wider range of community activities.

“The building is located centrally, with good access for both vehicles and pedestrians, and will provide an ideal meeting place for local residents.”

Trust members are currently working on a design remit and any inquiries, from community organisations and individuals, are most welcome. The Trust can be contacted via Mike Robson on 01561 377501 or