Laurencekirk Business Club discuss way forward

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Members of the Laurencekirk Business Club met on May 29 to discuss the way forward for the club and to finalise things for the Diamond Jubilee Hamper dance which was held at the weekend.

There was a very positive mood within the group with great enthusiasm and motivation given to discussion and a brain storming session to see how we can reinvigorate the group attendance and encourage more local businesses to join the group.

We have been given an excellent opportunity of having a business club notice board in the Ken Fairclough Accountancy window on the High Street, Plans were discussed to use this as a networking/communication board for our local businesses, and ideas were shared on how we could improve using this board as a platform to advertise our businesses and target more people by making it colourful and eye-catching to grab peoples attention. Clear aims and objectives are to be listed on this board regarding what members will receive from being part of the business club and to encourage new members to join our group.

Discussion expanded to how we can improve attendance at the monthly meetings. There is a core group of people that come every month and it would be great to see more members attend.

There are plans to increase the sessions dedicated to networking and maybe make some of the evenings more social and less formal so that people get a chance to see what other companies do and share their experiences and create opportunities amongst group members.

Member Hilary Brown said “The Business Club Introduced me to Companies that I didn’t know existed locally.” Other members also shared how being part of this club have increased new business opportunities.

Lynn Jones from Dizzy Rascals suggested we organise a recruitment meeting in September to encourage new members by a personal invitation.

Tickets are to be designed and produced by Impact Imaging and given to current members of the club to distribute to new businesses by invitation as a way of encouraging new members to join the club and hopefully inject a wave of enthusiasm and activity within the group. A date will be finalised after the summer for this evening.

The next formal business meeting is planned after the holidays on Tuesday August 28 at the Murie Coffee Shop in the Western Inn.