Laurencekirk not the location for travellers’ site

Fourdon Road Depot''Copyright Andy Thompson Photography / ATIMAGES
Fourdon Road Depot''Copyright Andy Thompson Photography / ATIMAGES

Laurencekirk will not be a location for a travellers’ site after a meeting of the Gypsy/Traveller Sub Committee this week.

A report to the committee had recommended Aberdeenshire Council’s Laurencekirk depot on Fourdon Road as a ‘favoured’ option for south Aberdeenshire.

However, at the meeting, which had three Kincardine and Mearns councillors on the committee, an amendment was proposed and carried meaning Laurencekirk would no longer be taken forward as an option.

Mearns Councillor George Carr, who is on the committee, told the Observer: “I proposed an amendment for Laurencekirk to be taken out of consideration as it is outwith the local development plan and it was in the middle of the industrial estate.

“Aberdeenshire has good links for dealing with the travelling community and we could have a site in the right location.”

In a report to the sub committee prepared by Moyra Stephen it said: “The central location of the site at Laurencekirk, coupled with the level of amenities already provided on site (access to fresh water, electricity and drainage) makes the site an ideal opportunity to develop a fully-serviced site with wash blocks.

“The site scores well using the scoring matrix and is therefore the recommended site for south Aberdeenshire.”

According to the report a site at Laurencekirk would have cost £560,000. Laurencekirk was first looked at for a potential travellers’ site back in June this year when the sub committee met.

The recommendations of the committee will be taken forward to full council next year.