Laurencekirk Rotary Club

At its meeting on July 21 in the Crown Inn, Laurencekirk and District Rotary Club welcomed Rotarians from New Zealand in Scotland for the Commonwealth Games. Not that the visitors Noel and Rose King were competing – though Mrs King is a sports coach. The reason for Laurencekirk was genealogical research – Noel is a second cousin of the late David King who farmed at Langleys on the Garvock Hill.

That said the Rotarians had an interesting talk from him about Inglewood, a small town in the Taraniki region on the North Island of New Zealand - a region dominated by the c8000ft snow covered Mount Taraniki. It is largely an agricultural area with a predominance in dairy farming. Noel mentioned that his quite small Rotary Club novel fund-raising activities included winter BBQs and a seed potato contest (each person given the vegetable and predicting the crop and paying a forfeit if their estimate is far out!). Rotary Banners were exchanged, sincere thanks and good wishes expressed for their stay and for N.Z. success (after Scotland!) in the Games.