Leader receptionist Agnes visits Palace

Leader receptionist Agnes Aitken is pictured second from the right outside Buckingham Palace.
Leader receptionist Agnes Aitken is pictured second from the right outside Buckingham Palace.

Our very own Mearns Leader receptionist, Agnes Aitken, took a day off from the office earlier this month to visit Buckingham Palace by invitation.

Agnes, who is from Stonehaven, was invited to attend the Palace Garden Party on Thursday. June 6, in her official role as chairwoman of the British Goat Society of which Princess Alexandra is a patron.

Agnes attended the prestigious event alongside vice-chairman Nick Parr, immediate past president Maureen Ross and past chairman Peter Cox.

After they received their invitations earlier this year, Agnes said that she was “very excited” and it was an “unexpected pleasure.”

The task of chairperson of the British Goat Society is very intensive and takes up a lot of Agnes’ spare time, as she is required to travel the length and breadth of the country for meetings on a regular basis.

Such a demanding role does not usually offer up much chance for glamour, so she gladly welcomed the opportunity to dress up for the occasion.

She said: “It was really exciting leading up to the day and it was a lovely opportunity to get a new outfit and dress up a bit.”

The party took place between 4 and 6pm attended by 8000 people, including the Queen and Prince Phillip.

Agnes explained: “I travelled down to London on the day of the garden party and the weather couldn’t have been better, it was a glorious day.

“There was a huge marquee set up and the tables were groaning with delicious canapes and drinks - which were all non-alcoholic.

“A brass band was playing and we were able to wander round the gardens which were simply stunning, and also to get a glimpse of the Royal party who were in very close proximity to us.

“It was an amazing experience, once in a lifetime, and it was a great opportunity to get the chance to attend.”