Learning opportunities

In this article we are going to look at what training opportunities are available to both the organisation and those who manage volunteers and also for the volunteers within the organisation.

Aberdeenshire CVS Training Initiative, in partnership with Volunteer Centre Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City, is offering the following Volunteer Development Scotland one day learning opportunities locally starting early 2012.

Developing Diversity within a Volunteer Programme

Aims to explore issues and develops ideas and practice relating to building a diverse volunteer workforce within organisations.

These courses are stand alone courses and will be delivered by Aberdeenshire CVS Training Initiative and the Volunteer Centre Aberdeenshire. Completing two of these learning opportunities can contribute towards an SQA Customised Award at SCQF Level 7 through Volunteer Development Scotland, provided that candidates have already completed Level 6.

Opportunities for Volunteers

Grampian Conservation Volunteers (CVs) carry out practical conservation work for the National Trust for Scotland.  Becoming a volunteer gives you the opportunity to learn new skills such as drystane dyking, footpath construction and woodland management.

You also get to work in beautiful gardens and stunning countryside throughout Scotland, meet new people, get some fresh air and exercise, and become actively involved in conservation and the Trust. 

Transport, food and accommodation is provided on residential projects.

For more information contact Stephen Reeves - Rangers’ Office, Crathes Castle, Banchory AB31 5QJ Tel: 0844 493 2167 or email sreeves@nts.org.uk

The Volunteer Centre Aberdeenshire are delighted to tell you about the new Skills fit for volunteering learning & development programmes.

The flexible programmes of interactive, learner centred learning/training sessions have an overall aim of improving the skills set and confidence of volunteers so that they can maximise the positive outcomes of volunteering both for themselves and the organisations they volunteer with.

If you are interested in our learning programmes please contact the Aberdeenshire Volunteer Centre for more information, Telephone 01330 825794, or email south@vcaberdeenshire.org.uk or visit our website at www.vcaberdeenshire.org.uk

The Mearns and Coastal Healthy Living Network are developing a Shopping Service in Stonehaven, Portlethen and surrounding areas.

The service is to help older people who have difficulty doing their own shopping and can either be a home delivery service or an accompanied shopping service.

For the Home Delivery Service, Mearns and Coastal Healthy Living Network will arrange for a volunteer to collect a shopping list and do the shopping for the older person.

The Accompanied Shopping Service allows the older person to go to the shops with a volunteer and have help with their shopping.

Both these services are provided by volunteers and Mearns and Coastal Healthy Living Network would like to hear from you if you are interested in becoming involved.

All you require are a friendly and supportive manner and a driving licence and access to a car.

A similar service is already running in the Mearns and surrounding areas, with much success. Have you got time for shopping?

If you would like to find out more about the shopping services or about volunteering, please contact Nikki Lorimer on 01561 378130.