Let us help make Mother’s Day

You can send your pictures and messages to lee.mccann@jpress.co.uk'Reporter Lee is the one in the middle.
You can send your pictures and messages to lee.mccann@jpress.co.uk'Reporter Lee is the one in the middle.

This Mothers Day I will be doing the same thing I always do, getting a lovely bunch of flowers and a card.

I will swing by my grandparents house and drop off the flowers and card for my Nana who has helped raise me since the age of five.

My mum passed away when I was just a young boy beginning primary school and, since starting at the Mearns Leader almost two years ago, I have done everything in my power not to be involved in any Mother’s Day feature or article. It was unfair to my colleagues but I found myself devoid of any feeling around this holiday, as I thought this was the best solution.

This changed last year as it was the 20th anniversary of my mother’s death. I wrote on Facebook an emotional post that was filled with mistakes but let me articulate my feelings on the woman I missed. I may not have heard her voice in over 20 years but my mum was, and still is, the main driving force in my life.

Having given it the once-over, I’m going to share with you what I wrote, and it still plays on my mind after all these years.

“You missed so many important moments in my life and I can’t believe it’s been 20 years.

“So many things that others have taken for granted over the years, I would have loved and given everything for.

“The chance to tell you a story I’ve been working on, how work was going and how some late night meetings can really be a pain in the arse.

“Never have I got a missed call from you on my phone and had to listen to a silly voicemail. Never have I had a embarrassing picture from when I was wee uploaded to Facebook.

“I didn’t get the chance to sit with you on the morning of exam results and open them.

“We never got the highs and lows of growing up and we never will. I got to spend so little time with you and its the thing I hate most in the world. I miss you mum and I love you.”

I have shied away from anything relating to Mother’s Day, but this year I asked for this space as I had an idea.

This year I wanted to find a way to make families happy this Mother’s Day.

If you send your pictures, memories and messages we will print them next week in the Mearns Leader and Kincardineshire Observer.

Whether you want to remember your mother, grandmother, aunt or someone who has played a vital role in your life, I would be happy to play a small part in bringing a smile to that person’s face.

Dads, this also might be a good opportunity to send us some drawings and pictures with messages from children.

I know I am early with my message but I want to thank my Nana for playing a pivotal role in my life as I know I wouldn’t be the man I was today if it wasn’t for her. As much as I miss my mum, I will never forget what you did for my sisters and me after losing your daughter.

To get involved, send your pictures and messages through to lee.mccann@jpress.co.uk by Tuesday, March 10, to appear in next week’s Leader and Observer.