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Madam - At the Open Day for the Stonehaven Sheriff Court Building last month, a number of people remarked that they could remember in their childhood being taken into the ‘bunker’ that we have now established existed under the No 1 Court Room. Unfortunately, at the time, we did not take any contact details.

I would be very grateful if any or all of these individuals could get in touch with me, as we would like to record their memories as part of the restoration project for the building.

If any other member of the public has specific memories of the building, their contributions would also be very welcome. Yours etc,.

David Fleming

Acting Chairman, Stonehaven Town Partnership




Madam - It is extremely disappointing to learn that police emergency control rooms in Aberdeen and Inverness are to be closed, and that all 999 calls from these areas will be dealt with at Bilston Glen, Govan and Motherwell in the Central Belt.

I believe very strongly that local knowledge by the call controllers plays an absolutely vital part in the successful handling of emergency calls and is key to avoiding confusion and ensuring speedy emergency police responses.

I am shocked this decision has been taken, especially following the justifiable criticism of Police Scotland’s handling of the M9 crash, which caused the deaths of John Yuill and Lamara Bell.

Yours etc,.

Judi Martin



Tell us about experiences

Madam, – More than 121,000 people in Scotland are currently living with the devastating effects of stroke.  

It happens in an instant, yet this overwhelming condition can affect people physically and emotionally for the rest of their lives.

The long-term effects can often take a huge toll on partners, carers and families too.

We are calling on people who have had a stroke, their carers and family members across Scotland to take part in a UK survey to tell us about their experiences of stroke.

Resources for stroke care are increasingly stretched.

We want stroke treatment, therapy and care to remain a priority.

If any of your readers has had a stroke or cares for someone who has had a stroke, we want to hear their views.

The closing date for our survey is March 31.

It can be completed online at campaign questionnaire or contact the Scotland office on 0131 455 7244 to obtain a paper copy. – Yours etc.,

Andrea Cail

Director Scotland

The Stroke Association


Every day eating advice on hand

Madam, – There has been a lot of publicity in the newspapers and TV about getting back in shape after Christmas – eating more healthily and taking more exercise.

Many of your readers will have diabetes so this is particularly important for them. They have to manage their medications, diet and exercise to stay well.

We know that this can be difficult, especially in chilly winter weather when salads seem less appetising and we feel we need something more substantial.

Our booklet, ‘Diabetes – Everyday Eating’ will help people to get back on track with their meals and provides inexpensive menus for breakfast, lunch and evening meals, many with winter in mind.

We hope that this information will be useful to your readers with diabetes and will make living with diabetes a little easier.

We are happy to send your readers a copy of ‘Diabetes – Everyday Eating’, and other booklets about diabetes, free of charge if they contact us on 01604 622837, e-mail jenny@iddtinternational.org. – Yours, etc.,

Jenny Hirst

InDependent Diabetes Trust [IDDT] .


Animal charity needs your help

Madam, – An Aberfoyle animal shelter has suffered terribly in the very recent flooding, to the point where rescued animals were stood deep in water with no alternative place to go.

The shelter is trying to raise money to relocate to an area less likely to flood and it is being shared on Facebook.

The fundraising page is https://www.gofundme.com/mionesroost and the Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/Glendrick-Roost-Animal-Welfare-Centre-295429747140376/?_rdr=p. I think it would be a great thing to highlight. – Yours etc.,


Kincluny Quarry

Madam - I have been following with interest the application for building houses at Kincluny Quarry site.

I have written objections to this as have many others but the application appears to be still active when, of course, it should not.

I say this because I took an active part as a Councillor many years ago when the application for a quarry came up. This quarry application was only granted provided that the site was returned to agricultural use when the quarrying was concluded.

I ask how can an applicant even consider going against this firm order and why the present Planning Authority do not refuse on these grounds.

Much time and money is being wasted.

The answer is to instruct the developers to restore the land to agricultural use and that is that .

If the applicants had any honour that is what they would do; if the Council have any authority that is what they would do.

yours etc,

Angus Pelham Burn.

The Kennels Cottage. Dess. Aboyne.

AB34 5AY

( 013398 84445)