Letters to the Editor March 13

Here are the letters sent to us this week that can be seen on page 10 along with some comment highlights from our Facebook page. If you have a letter you can e-mail it to news@mearnsleader.com or mail it to 12 Ann Street, AB39 2ER.

STP report - Reply to Mr Samways

Sir - Misleading Mr Samways - I don’t think so!

I stand by my letter to the Mearns Leader (February 27) and as a resident don’t hide behind anonymity. If residents are making recommendations and comments to the STP, who are the residents? Is it just one resident that a comment will be acted on or is it several? This is misleading in itself Mr Samways.

Your innaccuracies were not insignificant. During my email correspondence with the STP I was firstly informed the caravan owners had been told about the August meeting, then in another email I was informed that the Trustees had been told about the meeting and it was up to the Trustees to tell the caravan owners, on the afternoon of the August meeting myself and several others were assured by STP committee members that the owners had been told - who’s misleading information is to be believed Mr Samways?

I note you cherry-pick points from my letter. You don’t address the comments made by Mr Fleming and Mr Edwards to the community council’s February meeting denying a marina was mooted for the harbour - despite press articles to the contrary - misleading. Nor do you address the issue - ahead of the feasibility study - the proposal to dredge the bay at the outer point north of the harbour nor do you comment of the cruise company catalogue prepared but on hold - misleading.

Even the way Mr Samways you brought my emails to the STP and STP responses to me in your public response to my public letter is misleading as only you and I can verify what was written. If my correspondence with the STP can be up for scrutinythen why not the residents and groups making the comments and recommendations?

Finally by all means help with more allotments. The 35 in existence have been very successful. The SAA has pursued many avenues in an attempt to acquire more land all to no avail. Perhaps after this month’s AGM of the SAA the STP may be approached to help solve the problem. In the interim Mr Samways don’t mislead, cherry pick or fudge the truth on what the STP is doing. As I stated in my letter trust is all and there is - whether you like it or not and air of mistrust surrounding STP issues.

Yours etc.,

F. Burns

Rickarton Cottage


Correctly stated - For the record

Sir - In your article last week, you correctly reported that Aberdeenshire councillors at the Area Committee had queried that some of STP’s funds should have gone into the community by now.

For the record, STP has received £9,750 (up to the end of 2014) from the Caravan Park income. Of that, we have distributed £1,500 (£1,000 to the Business Association, £500 to OAITS).

In the absence of any grant from Aberdeenshire Council we have had to spend £4,250 on our own administration over two years. The remainder has been announced as being available for community groups to apply for, and we have agreed and published the policy under which it may be disbursed. To date, no other groups have applied.

All this has been discussed at our monthly (public) meetings ,which Cllr. Christie and other Aberdeenshire Councillors have attended, has been minuted, and the information is available on STP’s web site.

Yours etc,.

David Fleming

Trustee, Stonehaven Town Partnership

Sorry - Letter last week

Sir - Re my letter last week, I apologise unconditionally to Mrs Burns for getting her name wrong an inexcusable four times, and I am very sorry if my carelessness inadvertently caused upset to Mrs Bruce.

Yours etc,.

Douglas Samways

Chairman Stonehaven Town Partnership

Charlie House - Beer, Bacon and Banter

Sir - We are a group of fourth year students at Robert Gordon University, in our final year of Events Management. This year we are working with Charlie House, a local charity in Aberdeen. We will be fundraising for them by organising an event called Beer, Bacon and Banter.

Charlie House is a new, locally based children’s charity, which engages in activities and projects to support children with complex disabilities and life limiting conditions. Charlie House helps these special children and their families engage in new activities, make friends, socialise, and help make their lives that bit easier.

Charlie house is also in the early stages of a capital appeal to build a much needed specialist care facility in Aberdeen for this group of children and their families.

The event Beer, Bacon and Banter and will be held on the 10th of April 2015 at the Copthorne Hotel in Aberdeen. Our event will allow the attendees to sample the best beers from local breweries and enjoy a range of “street style” food, which will have a variety of different styles of pork including a Bacon Bar. There will also be a comedian and live music throughout the night, as well as various fundraising activities. The event will have something for everyone, most importantly raising awareness and funds for Charlie House.

Yours etc,.

Megan Davies