Litter show at Mearns

An award-winning drama-based education programme is heading to Mearns Academy today (Thursday, April 21).

The Bin it! programme educates students about responsibility and litter, and has launched its biggest ever annual nationwide tour of schools. Bin it! uses a team of actors to engage and educate young people about the problem of litter.

The educational roadshow aims to demonstrate that littering is a habit that needs to be broken, challenging students to change their behaviour and understand the implications of littering, in particular the penalties they can incur if they litter.

Developed by The Wrigley Company, Bin it! is targeted at 11-13 year olds and encourages them to think about why people litter, reflect on their own behaviour and emphasises the importance of caring for their local area and to take pride in where they live.

The show will have two sessions at Mearns Academy having visited 574 schools across the UK, reaching over 100,000 pupils.