Local cinema success

Tickets for Newtonhill’s very own cinema, which started up earlier this year, have proven to be in popular demand. Cinema@The Bettridge is part of a travelling cinema which visits the centre every so often to show films currently hitting the big screens. Having a cinema set up in the village means people don’t have to pay petrol and parking costs, or bus fares, to travel into Aberdeen to see the same film.

The very first showing was on the 9 May where “Pirates! An Adventure with Scientists” was shown as was “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen” which were both extremely successful. Organisers were only three tickets short of turning people away as they sold 117 tickets of their 120 limit. The films were well received by those who came along to support and try out the village’s new attraction.

However the big news from the Bettridge Centre is that they will be hosting a Premiere of the new Disney Pixar film “Brave” on Friday 3 August, which is its Scottish release date - two weeks ahead of its release in the rest of the UK. This is a showing very close to home as the princess in “Brave” lives in her family home based on Dunnottar Castle. Their 2pm screening has already sold out but a 7pm will hopefully be put on. If there is big demand they will also show the film at 4pm. Tickets can be purchased at the Bettridge Centre, Ma Simpsons, or by phoning 01569 731320.

The next screening will be on Sunday 22 July where Ice Age 4 will be shown at 3pm and Men in Black 3 will be on at 7pm.